Amos Moses
Amos Moses

Amos Moses is a man on a play them tunes that he likes.  And if he don’t like ‘em, he probably won’t play ‘em.  But there’s a WHOLE bunch of tunes he likes........honky-tonk, roots country, rockabilly, ragtime, western swing, jazz, blues, bluegrass and folk (old and new.)  Good songs, good humor and kick-ass ivory-pounding.....and a little guitar picking too, when he’s in the mood.

And here’s something else, folks: that designer-style hat he’s wearin’? It comes at NO extra charge, even though it cost him about $12 down at Farm and Fleet.  And no, you ain’t gonna get one for yerself, cause he bought the last one.

So go check out the music/videos on this here site and then ring the boy up if you want to invite him over for a party.  

And remember: When his buddy Doug Brown (guitar, fiddle & banjo) comes along, yer gettin’ TWO musicians instead of one!  Even if it's just ole Doug, who's always tellin' Amos he's doing something wrong.  And then when their pal John Lombardo comes along with his drums....well... OK, so maybe you ain't gettin' any more musicians, but at least them folks out there know you can afford a whole band! (Settle down there John, I was just kiddin'....even I ain't dumb enough to make a good drummer mad.)